Harnessing Change in Asia

The cost of home bias to European investors is substantial. According to research by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management investors forgo risk‐adjusted returns of more than 1.3% per annum. At Nikko Asset Management, we believe harnessing change in Asia is a powerful way of diversifying your investments to improve risk-adjusted returns.

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Want to learn about the three Asian megatrends that are reshaping not only Asia, but the world? Our team of investment experts, based in Asia, have put together a 60-page Asia Equity investment guide that combines the latest academic research on portfolio construction with an in-depth analysis of the unique dynamics that are driving positive fundamental change and sustainable returns in the region.


In the guide you'll learn about:

  • The costly problem of home bias and potential portfolio solutions;
  • Undervaluation in Asian shares and implications for forward returns;
  • The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s portfolio construction research, including robust factor and geographical analysis;  
  • Asian megatrends impacting our world in the decade ahead;

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About Nikko Asset Management

Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, with 203.9bn USD* under management, providing high-conviction, active fund management across a range of Equity, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset strategies. In addition, our complementary range of passive strategies covers more than 20 indices and includes some of Asia’s largest exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In the pursuit of excellence, we approach everything we do with an entrepreneurial mindset. This enables us to think differently, transforming intelligent insights into innovative, relevant investment opportunities for our clients. Leveraging our unique combination of a global perspective complemented by our Asian DNA, we aspire to create sophisticated and diverse solutions that set new standards in the asset management industry.

*as at 31 December 2022