In the guide you'll learn about:

  • Japan's increasing geopolitical and economic influence;
  • Technological innovations, the changing corporate climate, and the reform of the Tokyo Stock Exchange;
  • How to invest in Japan and the role of Japan Equity in a well-balanced portfolio;
  • The evolution of ESG and Engagement in Japan;
  • The bright outlook for Japan's economy over the next 5-10 years.

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Nikko Securities Investment Trust and Management Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 with its HQ in Tokyo. In 1999 it merged with Nikko International Capital Management Co., Ltd where Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established


Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia's largest asset managers with USD 219.2bn in assets under management as of June 2023. Nikko AM provides high-conviction, active fund management across a range of Equity, Fixed Income, and Multi-Asset strategies, in addition to a variety of passive strategies covering more than 20 indices


Nikko AM employs over 900 people worldwide representing 30 different nationalities across offices in 11 locations. Of those, 213 are investment professionals, including 105 portfolio managers with extensive, and locally-driven research coverage

At Nikko Asset Management, we are passionate about helping you tap into Japan's hidden investment value. Our team has put together a comprehensive 40-page investment guide full of the knowledge necessary to make a sound investment.

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